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Call me Katha.

I was born in Lesotho in Africa and then grew up in Germany, in a small town near Frankfurt. I'm a german citizen and a US Green Card holder.


I started acting at a very early age and also directed a play in school in my final year. In 2009 I moved to Berlin after a long trip travelling in Europe and India. I studied acting for 3 years at the "art of acting" drama school in Berlin and at the Susan Batso Studio in New York.


I’ve acted in several series and movies and I was a series regular for 2,5 years in Germany.


I love to create new characters and bring them to life with different acting methods so that my playful kid inside is fully self expressed. Although acting takes a lot of courage, I am always surprised that everything exists in each of us. We are universal and everyone knows the same feelings. Fear, love, passion, jealousy, etc. Giving a role your heart means to know as much as possible about a character, to feel her and empathise with her. Also to know what it is she needs, how she behaves and acts in public in comparison to how she acts in private. Acting to me is to feel empathy for my character and to find the parallels to myself. When it comes to storytelling, I love the fact that as an actor I know more than what the character knows.


I love and live for this profession. It’s my passion. I am interested in everything interpersonal and I love the work with body and voice. I also like to sing and dance.


At 6, I said that I want to become an actress to understand and change the world.

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